This section has a few tips to help you get into and use our members area. Look through the following items and try them out. If you are still having trouble send us an email.

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The colors of the images look funny or don't appear.
Make sure your display is set to 24 or 32 bits. Change the display setting by going to Control Panel, Display, Settings.

The images are fuzzy or distorted.
Internet Explorer and some other browsers have a new feature that will automatically resize photos to fit in the browser window. Because we use high-resolution photos this may cause the photos to be distorted or blocky. Turn off this feature by going to Internet Options, Advanced Toolbar, Multimedia and then uncheck Automatic Image Resizing.

I cant view the member's area.
You may have you Java disabled in your web browser. Enable the Java and try again.

I'm using a proxy server.
Proxy servers, anonymous websites or software to surf, can interfere with the sign and they bring up outdated content and can create problems with usernames and passwords. To disable proxy servers click on Internet Options in the control panel, then Connections, LAN Settings and disable any checked feature. Restart the computer. If you're using Netscape you might also have to disable the proxy options in Netscape.

What if my password doesn't work?
Before you report a non-working password please be sure that you entered it correctly. The system is case sensitive; so you have to enter your user/password exactly as it was given to you upon subscription, please check your email receipt to ensure you're entering them correctly.

I'm using Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer's automated password feature may prevent you from entering the member's area. This can happen when you tried to enter the site with random usernames and passwords or when you've signed up previously with another username and password. The same problem might also show up with the latest Netscape Navigator (Version 6 +). Switch to Netscape Navigator 4.7 (or better) and disable the automated password option. If you're using Internet Explorer 5.5 or later go to the control panel in select Internet Options, select the Security tab, select Internet , select Custom Level. Near the bottom of the option's list there's a choice between various types of logons, select: Prompt for username and password.

I give up nothing is working.
Restarting your computer can help to clear settings, errors and in some cases change network settings and your' IP. So, before attempting to login again try restarting the computer.

If you are still having trouble entering the site please write us.
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